The Free Gift of God

Death is the price that every sinner must pay. The sinner is sentenced to death. The sinner deserve to die because he is guilty of sin.

Sin brought death upon all flesh. Death reign through sin. The Bible says that every soul that sin must die. Therefore death is the pronounced judgement for sin.

When a judgement is passed based on the provisions of a legal document: it cannot be faulted as unjust.

Man sinned against God. He disobeyed God’s commandment; he was guilty of disobedience and he deserved to die as provided by the law.

Man didn’t plead guilty. Man did not ask to be forgiven. Man went away, bearing upon himself the consequences of his sin and waiting hopelessly for the day of judgement.

Man was yet at this wretched state of hopelessness when God’s mercy found him and Grace saved him.

Mercy is God’s loving kindness towards man. Literally speaking, mercy is the act of forgiveness. It is forgiving a man of the wrongs he has committed.

Man sinned against God and deserve to die but God’s mercy says No. God, Who is rich in mercy intervened on behalf of man and declared man not guilty.

God achieved this by sending His own Son Jesus, Who knew no sin to become a sin for the man. God didn’t go against the existing law; He observed the existing law by substituting His own Son as a sin sacrifice to be crucified on behalf of man.

God’s loving kindness towards man was such that He did not spare His own Son but gave Him up to die for man.

The death of Jesus Christ was the forgiveness of the sin of man and the justification of mankind. The death of Jesus Christ made and declares man not guilty of sin. In other words, man is freed from sin and its consequences because of the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ.

Grace is referred to as an undeserved favor. While mercy is the forgiveness of sin; Grace is an unmerited favor to a forgiven person.

God didn’t just forgive man his sins through the blood of Jesus Christ, God went further to give the forgiven man His righteousness, His Holy Spirit and His eternal Life.

The Grace of God which is God’s wonderful free gift of salvation is available to everyone through faith in Christ Jesus.

Published by Akin Kingsley B

Akin Kingsley B is a Christian with passion for salvation of the souls of mankind. He is married to pretty Mrs Stella Kingsley and they're blessed with two lovely children, Sarah and Zoe Kingsley. He is a Pastor and the founder, tender COMMUNICATION and PUBLICATION ORG. a Christian network with the mandate of edifying the saints for the work of the ministry, building and uniting the body of Christ, and converting souls from darkness unto Light using every medium of communication, and publishing of books, journals and articles.

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