Reign in life Through Jesus Christ

The resurrection of Jesus from the dead is the resurrection of a new specie of man that is empowered to reign in life on this Earth.

God’s original intention is that man should reign over the earth.

When God made man, He gave man complete authority, full power and unconditional right over the earth and its wealth. In other words, God made man to reign as the god of the earth.

Satan trickishly deceived man to delegate his authority over the earth and its wealth to him by disobeying God’s commandment.

Adam’s disobedience to God’s commandment caused Adam to fall from the glory of God. Sin made man a weak and cursed being, who has to labor hard before he could eat of the earth.

Satan took advantage of the fallen nature of man to claim the godship over earth. Satan capitalizes on the weak nature of man to exercise power over man and over the activities of the earth. Satan takes advantage of the corrupt nature of man to influence man’s activities. The fallen man is subject to the devices of the devil.

Jesus came to redeem man’s lost glory. Jesus came to restore power, right and authority over to man.

Through His death, Jesus disarmed powers and principalities, triumphing over them forever.

At resurrection, Jesus obtained power over the heavens as well as the earth; He said all powers in heaven and the earth have been given unto Him.

When He rose from the dead, Jesus raised a new specie of man and gave him power and authority over the earth: to trample upon scorpions and serpents (demons), and over all the powers of the kingdom of darkness.

When Jesus ascended into heaven, He ascended together with the new creature and made the new creature to sit together with Him at the right hand side of God the Father in the heavenly places, far above principalities and powers.

Jesus triumphed over Satan through the cross. He destroyed all the work of Satan; obtained all the powers in the heavens and the earth and handed the power over to the new creature.

The power to reign over this earth belong to the new creature. The new creature have power over the kingdom of darkness; power over the activities of Satan and his demons; and power to reign as a king and priest of God upon the earth.

As a king, the new creature passes decrees on the earth, and they are obeyed. As a priest, he makes declarations, and they are established.

Whatever the new creature permit on earth: is permitted in heaven; and whatever he rejects on the earth: is rejected in heaven.

The new creature is spiritually located in Christ with Christ in the heavenly places far above principalities and powers. The new creature is a highly secured man. The spiritual location of the new creature makes it impossible for Satan and his demons to hurt him. The new creature is eternally preserved and protected in Christ Jesus. The new creature is not subject to the activities of the kingdom of darkness rather he has the power to bind and cast out demons and stop all satanic activities.

This power is made possible by the abundance of Grace and the free gift of righteousness in Christ Jesus.

Anyone who desires to reign in life must receive the abundance of Grace and the free gift of righteousness through faith in Christ Jesus.

Published by Akin Kingsley B

Akin Kingsley B is a Christian with passion for salvation of the souls of mankind. He is married to pretty Mrs Stella Kingsley and they're blessed with two lovely children, Sarah and Zoe Kingsley. He is a Pastor and the founder, tender COMMUNICATION and PUBLICATION ORG. a Christian network with the mandate of edifying the saints for the work of the ministry, building and uniting the body of Christ, and converting souls from darkness unto Light using every medium of communication, and publishing of books, journals and articles.

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