Jesus, The Resurrection and The Life

Adam’s disobedience brought death upon all flesh. Death reigned through sin. Man died from the nature of God into the nature of sin; from supernatural to natural; from spirituality to carnality. The spirit of man died.

Death also reigned over the flesh of man. Man became a mortal being that is subject to physical death.

Likewise, death reigned over the soul. The Bible says that the wages of sin is death. Death is the debt every sinner is owing. The soul of every sinner is destined to everlasting damnation.

This is the consequences of Adam’s disobedience upon mankind. Nothing was able to take this death sentence away. No sacrifice was worth the life of mankind; the blood of human was corrupted by sin and as such could not be acceptable for the atonement of sin.

No one could save man but the Lamb of God. The Bible says there was a great silence in heaven for no one was found worthy to loose the scroll except the Lamb of God that was slain even before the foundation of the earth was laid. In other words, no heavenly being nor earthly being was qualified to rescue man from death except the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ.

Jesus came to give life to mankind. He did that through His death and resurrection. Through His death, He paid the price for the sins of the whole world. He died the death sentenced upon mankind. He delivered man from death. Man is not indebted to death any longer because Jesus took his place and died on his behalf.

Through His resurrection, Jesus raised a new creature unto God; a man that is spiritual and godly. A man that have eternal life: the life that cannot die.

Jesus is the resurrection and the Life

Published by Akin Kingsley B

Akin Kingsley B is a Christian with passion for salvation of the souls of mankind. He is married to pretty Mrs Stella Kingsley and they're blessed with two lovely children, Sarah and Zoe Kingsley. He is a Pastor and the founder, tender COMMUNICATION and PUBLICATION ORG. a Christian network with the mandate of edifying the saints for the work of the ministry, building and uniting the body of Christ, and converting souls from darkness unto Light using every medium of communication, and publishing of books, journals and articles.

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